4 Ways How To Hack Whatsapp Account 2022 (New)

Nowdays Whatsapp Is The Most Popular App In Messaging. It is very convenient in sending and receiving messages to staying in touch with people all around the world.

Is It Legal To Hack Someone’s Whatsapp Account?

Yes It’s Legal , When You Hack Your Kid Or Relative Person Whatsapp Account.

No It’s Not Legal, When You Hack Unknown Person Account. and This Is illegal Because It Is A Cybercrime , He/She/They File a Case On You and It is a Highly Punishable. Be Carefull At All.

Whatsapp Hack Using Online

Nowdays Internet Is the best thing to search any content. On The Internet Lots of Technique Availabe To Hack Whatsapp Account. For the accurate result you have to provide accurate information about target like Whatsapp Phone Number.

It Will take Few Second For Hacking Whatsapp. Then its Display All information of target whatsapp like Chat , Messages & Contact number. It Will Very Usefull For Spying On Your Children.

How To Hack Whatsapp Account 2020 (Old Method)

Hack Whatsapp With Spoofing

In This Method Mac Address Of a Device is Used To Spy On Target Whatsapp. It Is Not Easy Method To Hack Whatsapp Account. In this method You Need In same network and you need same account number on two different device but same mac address.

You just have to collect the specifics of the target’s device, and then you will
easily spoof it on your phone. This hacking method is a little challenging, therefore you need to have enough technical information. You need to keep an eye on the target’s MAC device address. It is better to make a note of the target’s device address and then spoof it.

If Your Target Using Android Phone You Need to Go In Target Phone Settings to find the status of Wi-Fi Mac-address.

If Your Target Using Iphone You need to go Phone setting and then find Wi-fi Address.

In the Case of Blackberry Users go to the phone setting and then status info and then to WLAN MAC address.

How To Hack Whatsapp Account 2020 (New)

Hack WhatsApps Account via Answering Video Call

It may sound unusual whether a WhatsApp account can be hacked through a video call, but it is possible. It is a difficult task for beginners, but expert hackers can easily get access to the target’s device remotely. In this method, the hackers simply made a video call using WhatsApp. If the user responds the hacker easily gets control over the device.

Hacking WhatsApps Through Google Drive Backup

Yes, a WhatsApp account also can be hacked via Google drive backup. By transfer WhatsApp data on Google Drive backup, a hacker can easily read the target’s incoming and outgoing messages without getting into their device.

Google drive backup stores all the messages and multimedia files to the google drive account. You just need to follow some steps to use Google drive account to get access to the user’s WhatsApp data. For this process, the user device should sync with Google Drive account and the Google play services should also be installed on the device. Moreover, Google Drive account should have some free space to store the whole WhatsApp data and the device also requires some free space to carry out the backup.

Then by following the steps given below, you can easily get access to someone’s WhatsApp data via easy data transfer into the Google Drive backup.

  • Create a backup of entire WhatsApp data from the target’s device on the Google Drive account.
  • Add the Google Drive account to a new device that you want to use for carrying out a backup.
  • Then, install WhatsApp on a new device and verify the phone number with code, and then restore data from Google drive backup to your device.

When the restoration process will over, you will be able to see all the chats and messages on your screen.

1. Hack Whatsapp With QR Code

It is Very Simple Things To Do

  1. Open Your Browser PC On And Type Whatsapp Web.
  2. Go On Web.Whatsapp.com This Link.
  3. Now On Target Phone Open Whatsapp.
  4. Open Menu Option >> and tap on Whatsapp Web.
  5. The Phone Will Ask For Scan Qr Code , Scan QR Code on Your Browser Showing And Boom!.
  6. You Can Watch All Whatsapp Message In Your PC.

Now You Can Ask How To Safe From This So Here Is The Solution

  1. You Open Your Whatsapp and Menu Option >> Go to Whatsapp Web.
  2. It Shows All Loging Details.
  3. If any one log in with your device it showing you.
  4. you press button Log Out From All devices That it’s.

You Can visit Whatsapp Web Atleast Onece In Day.

2. Hack Whatsapp With Software

Hack Whatsapp With Spyic

Spyic is Most Used App For Whatsapp Hacking. This App Have Various Feature For Spying Anyone’s Whatsapp Account. As I Say This app is most used app in market at very cheap price.

This Application run on both Operating System Android & IOS platform. and this app use only 2MB of storage so its much easier to install.

Spric allows to monitor anyone phone to Read Whatsapp Message. so you can easily view all messages without knowing them.

Steps To Hack Whatsapp Account With Spyic:

  1. Signup On Spyic Account
  2. Subscribe Spyic Membership – Which Means You Have To Select Plan You Can Choose Between Basic, Premium and Family.
  3. Choose Target Platform – For Android You Have to Download Spyic App on target Devices & For IOS not need for download because for ios it’s web-based.
  4. Provide Neccessary Information
  5. After That Spyic Server will connect to target phone. this process takes atleat five minutes After that You get “Installation Completed” message on screen.
  6. Log in to your Spyic account from any PC or phone browser. In the dashboard, look for the Social Apps > WhatsApp option in the selection panel to the left. Congratulations, you now have full access to the target’s WhatsApp Account!.

Hack WhatsApp With mSpy

My personal recommendation would be to hack Whatsapp account using the mSpy software. mSpy is a highly reliable software, which has become the undisputed champion in the spy app market. This is because it comes with great reviews, a reliable technical support available 24/7, and it also has some really advanced features at a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend you use a source that is completely reliable. After all, when performing an action hack someone’s Whatsapp account, you need all the trust and discretion possible. Which is why I recommend you use a spy app to hack into someone’s Whatsapp account without them knowing. Spy apps, especially the good ones, have a lot of intrinsic trust built in because they have a loyal user base, they come with a lot of reviews, and also have a traceable social footprint, so you know they’re trustworthy. It is in their own best interest to protect your privacy.

How To Hack Whatsapp Account with mSpy:

  1. Check to see whether your phone and the target phone are compatible with the app.
  2. Choose which price package you’d like best, and then make the purchase.
  3. After the payment has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation mail with your login details and a link to your control panel.
  4. In the control panel, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to install mSpy on your target phone.
  5. Get some time alone with the target phone, and then install the application using the method described in the guide.
  6. Access your own control panel, and hack away!

If you have any other questions about mSpy or how it works you can refer to the FAQ page. If you still don’t find your answers, you can scroll down to the Q&A section in this article, or leave a question for us in the comments section.

How To Protect From Whatsapp Hacking

Some Of the Reader Ask me How To Protect From Whatsapp Hacking So Don’t worry, here is things to do for safe from whatsapp hacking.

Always Watch Whatsapp Web Activity

You aleast one’s in day you watch whatsapp web activity, if anyone logged in you it shows you. then you click logout all devices.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Their is option in Whatsapp Security Settings, Please enable this feature and Setup Two-factor authentication. To safe from hackers.

Lock Whatsapp Using App Locker

Their are many application in market for app locking, you use app for lock whatsapp for better security. And This is Best Way to safe from whatsapp web hacking method.


It’s Time Conclude the This Blog On How To Hack Whatsapp Account. I Show All Methods To Hack Whatsapp Account. And Preventing technique Also. Do not get into troubles by hacking the stranger’s WhatsApp account. If You have Issue You Can Comment Below.

I hope you get useful information there if you think anything to improve in this article you can comment below or if you need any help we will help you soon


How To Hack Your Child’s or Spouse Twitter Account 2022

Twitter tops the most popular Internet resources for online communication and information sharing for a long time. If you have a young kid, then you understand the constant worry about what they’re up to on social media.

Hack Twitter” is one of the most searched and hot topics around the Internet, like Gmail hacker. We have prepared a detailed list of how hackers can hack someone’s Twitter account easily in just a few minutes and how can we prevent the same.

If you want to know how hackers can hack someone’s Twitter account, please go ahead and read the techniques listed below. The most successful method among all of these techniques is phishing. Phishing enables someone with no or little technical knowledge to hack account’s password easily in just a few minutes.

How to Hack A Twitter Account Method

Actually, it is very easy to hack a Twitter account. Many times, wives or husbands can hack account of their spouse to check their loyalty, or you can hack your kids’ account to check any security threat to them as they are immature. So, find here simple ways that How to Hack Twitter Account easily.

1. Social Engineering

This is the most common technique for hacking Twitter accounts. In fact, this method shouldn’t come under Hacking, since much knowledge is not required for this method. I am listing this method under hacking to ensure the list of most common techniques used for Twitter account hacking in their respective order. Social engineering is basically a process of gathering information about someone, whose account you need to hack. The information may be his/her date of birth, mobile number, boyfriend/girlfriend’s mobile number, nickname, mother’s name, native place etc.

How To Hack Twitter Account 2021

Most common passwords

  • Mobile Number
  • Nickname/Name and Birthdate Combination
  • Bike Number
  • Old Mobile Number
  • Per Name
  • Boy Friend’s Mobile Number / Girl Friend Mobile Number – Most Of The Lovers
  • Boy Friend’s Name / Girl Friend Name
  • Closest Person

Now, be honest and comment here if you are one of the people who have any one of the common passwords mentioned above. Please don’t forget to change your password before making a comment.

2. Software Method

Considering the fact that the previously mentioned method is extremely unsafe and unreliable, I highly recommend you use a source that is completely reliable. After all, when performing an action hacking someone’s Twitter account, you need all the trust and discretion possible. Which is why I recommend you use a spy app to hack into someone’s Twitter account without them knowing. Spy apps, especially the good ones, have a lot of intrinsic trust built in because they have a loyal user base, they come with a lot of reviews, and also have a traceable social footprint, so you know they’re trustworthy. It is in their own best interest to protect your privacy.

3. Phishing

Phishing is the most common technique used for hacking Twiiter passwords. It is very easy for someone who is having little technical knowledge to get a phishing page done. That is why phishing is so popular. Many people have become a victim of Phishing page due to its trustworthy layout and appearance.

How does phishing work?

In simple words, phishing is a process of creating a duplicate copy of the reputed website’s page with the intention of stealing user’s password, or other sensitive information like credit card details. In our topic, it means creating a page which perfectly looks like Twitter login page but in a different URL like tweeter.com, or twittr.com, or any URL that pretends to be legit. When a user lands on such a page, he/she may think that is the real Facebook login page, asking him/her to provide his/her username and password. So, the people who do not find phishing page suspicious are going to enter their username & password. The password information will be sent to the hacker who created the phishing page. At the same time, the victim gets redirected to original FB page.

Example: AJ is a Hacker. He creates an FB login page with some scripts that enable him to get the username and password information. AJ puts this fake login page in https://www.Twittr.com/make-money-online-tricks. Shroud is a friend of AJ. AJ sends a message to Shroud, “Hey Shroud, I have found a free trick to make money online, you should definitely take a look at https://www.Twittr.com/make-money-online-tricks-free”. Shroud navigates to the link and see a Twitter login page. As usual, Shroud enters his username and password on it.

The username and password of Shroud is sent to AJ and Shroud is redirected to a money making tips page https://www.twittr.com/make-money-online-tricks-tips-free.html. That’s all; Shroud’s Facebook account is hacked.

Please note that phishing is done by a third person through emails; that is how it happens most of the time. So always beware of phishing emails, else you may lose your Facebook account, or credit card details, or any other sensitive data. Learn more about phishing.

4. Key Logger

A keylogger is a software tool used to record keystrokes on a computer or mobile device. This, in turn, records everything you type using your keyboard and store it for use. Generally, keyloggers are installed as application software in operating systems to track keystrokes, but there are hardware keyloggers as well.

Hardware keyloggers also are known as physical keyloggers attached to a computer in a USB port records everything before it sends the keyboard data to the computer. There are various mobile keyloggers, that perform the same action on various operating systems.

How Key Logging works?

All keyloggers run in the background (except trial versions) and won’t be viewable to users until you know the keylogger password and shortcut used to view it. It will record all the keys pressed and give you a detailed report of when and what keys are used for what application – Simply, a clean report to identify passwords.

Anyone who is reading the keylogger logs is able to see the Twitter password or any passwords and sensitive information typed, like credit cards, bank username, password etc. Whenever you log in to a public computer, there are chances to lose your Twitter password to someone else.

Hardware keyloggers are identifiable in case of your personal computer but are hard in case of public computers.

In another scenario, your friend/colleague/neighbor could ask you to log in using their computer as a help. If their intention is to get your password, then you are most likely to lose your Twitter account to the hacker.

Nowadays, many people are using mobile keyloggers. It enables to track the keypad of mobile. So, any sensitive information typed on the mobile keypad is vulnerable to hacking.

How can you protect yourself from Key Logging?

You need not be afraid of keyloggers when you use your personal computer since you are the only one who is going to access it. But, whenever you use any public computer or your friend’s computer, you should not trust it.

I always suggest my friends use On-Screen Keyboard whenever they are in need to type a password. Also, please make sure that nobody is checking your screen when you type your password because your screen would expose what you had typed. In windows, there is an inbuilt tool called On-Screen Keyboard that helps us to select keys using the mouse.

You can open OSK by using the Run dialog box. Winkey + R to open Run dialog box, type OSK and then press Enter. Nowadays, many banking portals provide a screen keyboard in the browser itself. So, please make use of it whenever you are surfing on public computers. On-Screen Keyboard helps even when hardware keyloggers are installed.

5. Plain Password Grabing

This is another common method used to steal Twitter user’s password. Most people are unaware of this method, but traditional hackers use this method to hack user accounts.

How does Plain Password Grabbing works? 

In this method, the Twitter hacker targets a particularly low-quality website, where the victim is a member and hacks their database to get the stored plain username & password of victim.

How could the hacker/attacker get access to Twitter?

Many of us use the same password for Twitter and also for some poor xyz.com. So, it is easy for a hacker to get your password through the low-quality poorxyz.com.

In another scenario, the hacker/attacker creates a website with the intention of getting victim’s password, so when the victim registers his/her account using email and creates a password, those details will get stored in the database of the hacker/attacker. Thus hacker gets access to victim’s account.

Common people, who use same email and password for these kinds of low-quality websites, may end up losing their Twitter account.

How can you protect yourself from Plain Password Grabbing? 

You should never trust the third party low-quality websites. Even passwords of popular websites, like LinkedIn, are insecure and vulnerable to hacking. So, never and ever trust the third party low-quality websites.

How to Secure Your Twitter Account

We not only tell you how to hack the account but also, how you can easily secure your twitter account and escape from any security threats of account hacking.

Tips to Protect Your Twitter Account from Being Hacked

  1. Choose a strong password. It is much easier to remember a password if you use your birth date, your name or the last four digits of your phone number. Using a mix of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special symbols will make it much harder for hackers to access your Twitter account.
  2. Change your password periodically. You need to keep changing the access password from time to time so that people who are trying to find out your password are thrown off.
  3. Be cautious to third-party applications. Sometimes, third-party applications request your permission to access your account. If you feel insecure, then remove the APP as soon as possible.

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