Stop filming with the front camera in your smartphone! ❌ And this is because the back camera on your iphone will always produce higher quality shots. But I get it, when using the back camera you’re not able to see yourself when filming, so let’s fix that. So firstly, all you need is your iphone, a USB or USB-C chord, a laptop, and then something to hold your phone steady From here connect your phone to your laptop, and then set it into your shooting position. From here open up quicktime, under file, click ‘’new movie recording’’ then click the drop down arrow next to the record button, and then select your iPhone. And just like that you can now see yourself when shooting with the highest quality camera on your phone, and that’s why you need to Stop Filming With The Front Camera On Your iPhone! . . . #contentcreator #contentcreation #filmmaking #socialmediamarketing #reels #contentstrategy


Published by Hacker to hire

There are lots of people who need to hire certified ethical hacker on rent for their needs. They need hacking services because no other tech guy can fulfill that. But problem is that white hat professional hackers are not available in any mall or grocery shop. They are the mostly anonymous guys. Maybe they are in your neighborhood but not revealing their identity. It is good to hire identity because it can be dangerous. So what to when required to hire a hacker for mobile phone or social media, or for a website, etc. on rent. Here comes the role of our white hat hackers service agency. We are the number one agency in Europe, we also work with the government agency to deal on some security projects. You will get the full value of your money with satisfactory work.

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